The Transactional Gateway to Web 3.0 and the Metaverse

Founded by one of Asia’s hottest young celebrities, a team of passionate "dialed in" gamers, and overseen and managed with the direct oversight and guidance of a strategic core of true global fintech and payment industry regulatory, compliance and infrastructure experts, PEG has immediately garnered the support of a network of hardcore international athletes and highly motivated philanthropists and entertainers in driving forward its proprietary seamlessly integrated fully traditional and digital financial network backbone Blockchain infrastructure solution.

PEG utilizes Fintech to push metaverse forward

For PEG, the ideology to tie-up with experts from the highly complex world that comprises the framework of globally licensed and regulated payment ecosystems made perfect sense to PEG, not only to differentiate itself from other guilds in the marketplace today but to ensure that it has the longevity of operations it knows it can attain. For Fintech’s, the metaverse looks like a natural pivot in line with their digital-first nature. Their innate knowledge base provides PEG much better positioning to push its core market forward, as they can provide to PEG the licensed and regulated payment infrastructures required for both fiat and crypto based transactional purposes, but unlike banks, Fintech’s do not have to cut through miles of red tape to act, adapt and maneuver quickly and thus have considerable flexibility to deploy new solutions.

The P&E Gaming use case for the Metaverse at large

PEG began its journey with the vision of creating a Gaming Guild as its foundation; yet, although Blockchain P&E (and other delineations of) Gaming is viewed as a primary key Metaverse use case for the next several years due to the immersive and multi-player experience of the space currently, PEG foresaw that the expectation to be able to utilize enhanced means to satisfy all real-life current activities in Web 3.0, inclusive of ecommerce, entertainment and media, education and training, manufacturing and enterprise is truly imminent. This is where the overriding PEG business philosophy has now been positioned to immediately outshine the rest for success, as the Metaverse continues to rapidly evolve and the invariable oversight and regulations of governments worldwide begins to gain prevalence.

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