This component of PEG is directly accessible and located at As a web-based platform, boasts several key functionalities. It’s very own native token, the Players Elite Guild Token, which will go by the token symbol, PEG and can be utilized as an integrated interoperable form of payment. These tokens can also be sent to, other players, guilds, metaverse users or otherwise, via wallet-to-wallet transfers and blockchain interoperability.

To support the liquidity of and its native token, the platform will also feature several other means of value transfer. Users will be able to withdraw their earnings in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and fiat, either via mobile money or over-the-counter location providers.

The platform will also enable users to trade in popular cryptocurrencies, such as BTC or ETH, via a decentralized exchange, known as PEG DEX. PEG is already working in strategic partnership with licensed global payment and cryptocurrency operators giving PEG its inherent worldwide integrated financial network ecosystem operating capabilities as driven by its proprietary PEGFi platform.

On top of these pure fin-tech functionalities, the platform will also include a provision for the built-in creation of non-fungible tokens. Additionally, this will bring to PEG full in-house Token and/or NFT generation capabilities and cross-chain transactional functionalities (if/as needed going from BLOX to other Blockchains with ease and simplicity).

PEG will have a circulation of 500 million tokens, and its first tokens will be minted at the genesis hash found here:

PEG’s custom wallet API will be located at the following address:

Its custom blockchain ledger will be located at:

This is where users will be able to track the overall activity on the blockchain or an individual wallet by searching its public address.

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