With the light speed of today’s highly competitive ever evolving business environment, a firm global expansion strategy is a vital piece of an organization’s growth strategy. PEG is well aware of the need to make it’s outside of the Philippines into the rest of Asia and other emerging markets and as such will employ an aggressive targeted niche strategy to markets where PEG has unique existing relationships in place.

Initial Expansion Target Country: MEXICO

PEG backers have incredibly powerful human and capital infrastructure accessibility into the Mexico market. The Mexican market potential is truly substantial but at present, competition for the PEG guild service set is low and the barriers to entry are minimal. By first penetrating this market, it will then open the door to the rest of Central and South America (excluding Brazil) – (all those countries that are Spanish speaking). Discussions, planning initiatives and roll-out implementation pathways are now being enacted with the initial action item firstly to be the tie in of our Mexican partners and their network into the PEG “discord” with the streamlining and oversight of a Mexican based moderator group. PEG is positioning itself as the first guild to be able to stake a claim to the Mexican marketplace given the level of relationships the PEG network already has in place there. PEG will utilize a team of youthful crypto experts on the ground in Mexico City, that themselves provide access to 10,000+ gamers in the Mexican market sector – PEG see this as a powerful chess move that PEG can make quickly and right out of the gate, with very little effort to undertake.

In deploying further global expansion strategies the PEG approach shall be assertive and proactive, yet highly logical. With the strategic partnerships that PEG has solidified to drive and manage its operate and oversee its licensed, regulated, and compliant Blockchain framework technology suite towards deployment of its technology to service other markets it has mitigated risk of worldwide expansion and has vastly differentiated itself from other industry providers.

  • PEGFi and BRAND NATION offers to Mexico and other emerging markets a ‘leading edge’ product that encourages and supports seamless expansion into new countries and regions;

  • Given that PEG is working with existing partnerships and relationships with parties that share history and are otherwise committed to the long-term success of PEG it provides the basis for a comfortable environment to work together as a collective to test, monitor and be malleable towards ensuring the success and streamlined nature of the overall PEG solutions offered;

  • PEG has the advantage of being able to utilize associates already existent in numerous overseas markets as it continues its worldwide growth strategy and to monitor new developments, maintain contacts with decision makers, and identify future opportunities

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