PEG Token

The PEG Token is PEGFi’s native token, designed for use in the protocol’s ecosystem

Ten percent of the PEG token supply is slated for public sale, and the remaining tokens have/are for distribution to seed investors, the team, the treasury, and the interoperable integrated infrastructure as a whole.

PEG tokens have a maximum supply of five hundred million (500,000,000). This means that — similar to Bitcoin, and NFTs — no more than a certain number of PEGs will ever be issued (in this case, 500M).

The PEG token is designated with many utilities in mind and purpose and will serve numerous functions. As a core utility token used within the PEGFi ecosystem and PEG tokens provide users with an array of benefits.

Defined PEG Token Feature set:

PEG Proof of Stake (PoS) is the AAI protocol to deploy digital assets (AKA Smart Contract).

Digital assets = Art | Music | Video | Document.

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