PEG is extremely proud of the strategic partnerships it has secured to date in the foundational establishment of its unique and powerful interoperable infrastructure framework. General descriptors of some of our key outside working relationships are referenced below covering Cryptocurrency Exchange & Banking Partnerships / Influencer Marketing management services and content providers / significant established P&E NFT operators:


Brand Nation aims to easily connect Web3 projects to mainstream celebrities to market them to the masses, through use of its roster of celebrities, influencers, streamers, and vloggers to fortify any Web 3.0 clients brand. Brand Nation allows clients to partner with an available network of respected and highly credible celebs so as to then leverage content from such influencers to engage customers across social channels, email newsletters, vlogs, and blogs.


Sonla is a digital asset exchange for the Web3 economy. Sonla aims to bridge the global market and industries into one holistic platform to exchange and transact seamlessly and securely. Sonla’s xCoin system can empower businesses and users with an all-inclusive platform to acquire and exchange any digital or web3 assets. UAB Sonla (“Sonla”) is a legally registered state company based in the Republic of Lithuania licensed as both a Virtual Currency Exchange Operator and an Operator of Virtual Currency Wallets.


A Philippine company that operates a licensed, regulated virtual currency exchange platform which is registered in both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), enabling the users to purchase and sell different cryptocurrencies.


StyloPay provides a cloud based licensed card issuing infrastructure in various global markets that enables flexible and rapidly scalable international disbursement (pay-out) solutions with deployment of physical and/or virtual prepaid cards generated to users via web application or Social Messaging apps.


Quest Gamers is a Metaverse guild alliance rallying all sizes of play-to-earn guilds under one coalition. The alliance will interconnect an ecosystem of scholars, managers, games, clans, capital, creators, and communities in the metaverse. So even the little guilds can get the maximum benefits of the metaverse. Furthermore, Quest Gamers is developing a super-app custom-built for play-to-earn managers.


BreederDAO is positioned to improve the supply of in-game assets to meet the growing demand of play-to-earn game economies through highly tuned, programmatic asset-generation systems. Whether it is play-and-earn, play-to-earn, play-to-win, play-for-fun, pay-to-earn or pay-to-win, NFT assets are the core requirement of any blockchain-based game. BreederDAO specializes in both breeding, the process of crossing two in-game assets to produce a third asset that contains traits of the two initial subjects, and crafting, which is focused on the generation of assets by combining skills, materials, or other assets into a new asset. Breeding and crafting are in-game mechanisms used by blockchain games that enable participants to produce new assets or NFTs in their game.


Active Social is a firmly established SE Asian social media company that develops online strategies and campaigns. A firm founded and operated by celebrities themselves, they help create a plan that helps boost online social presence, working with influencers and events to help your brand grow. Strategic insights are at the core of their campaigns, and they know how to build brands and reinforce them with programs grounded and measurable in data and analytics.


New Age Digital provides digital marketing and social media expertise, and act as diligent branding advocates. They create content and provide the backbone for an online presence adapting to challenges and turning them into opportunities with game-changing, out-of-the-box ideas. They service the digital landscape to help brands be the center of their customers’ attention. A passion to drive all things digital, creative, and trendy, drives New Age Digital forward.

Beyond these important relationships above, our core strategic operational ecosystem infrastructure partnerships are furthermore greatly defined as the Sub-Menus to this Strategic Partnerships section: BLOX (Blockchain) and VASU (Global Fintech)

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