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Vasu International Payment Solutions Inc. (“Vasu”) is a Global Payment Services Provider (“PSP”) and is the holder of an Operator of a Payment System (“OPS”) Registration in the Philippines, (OPS Registration No. OPSCOR-2022-0006), governed under the purview of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (the “BSP”).

Vasu offers the expertise and capability to offer a true “one stop shop” to its clients or partners, by providing a diverse and comprehensive suite of worldwide payment solutions, all readily accessible and available under one roof. Vasu is both a Payment Facilitator (“PF”) and a Payment Processor (“PP”), and services clients as a PF for standard merchant accounts, or as a PP for Independent Sales Organizations (“ISO’s”) or other PSP’s. (

Product Offerings

  • Vasu International Payment Solutions Inc. (“Vasu”), is the holder of an Operator of a Payment System (“OPS”) Registration in the Philippines, governed under the purview of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (the “BSP”)

  • Vasu Australia PTY LTD is the holder of an Electronic Funds Transfer, Foreign Exchange, and Digital Currency Exchange Service Provider license with AUSTRAC

  • Vasu controlled, UAB Sonla, is the holder of an Operator of a depository virtual currency wallet, and Virtual Currency Exchange Operator license with Regitru Centras Lithuania

  • Direct Ownership of a Level 1 PCI Certified Payment Gateway infrastructure for credit/debit cards and APM’s

  • API integration and operational tie-ups with hundreds of payment options globally. Credit/debit cards, crypto/NFT’s, e-wallets, bank accounts and e-payment vouchers

  • The exclusive Payment Service Provider to a Philippine Bank with intellectual property trademark rights to the branding ‘METAVERSE FINANCIAL’ w/URL: direct ‘Metaverse’ association to such .bank URL in the World)

  • PCI Certified International/multi-currency prepaid card issuing platform; (VISA, MasterCard, China Union Pay) for both virtual and physical cards

  • eWallet/mWallet technology deployment capabilities, w/ SWIFT and IBAN account creation features

  • ‘Banking as a Service’ - allows anyone in the world to open up a crypto-friendly US based bank account and buy/sell/trade crypto assets

  • Strategic partnership(s) with regulated cryptocurrency licensed entities in the Philippines (buying, selling, treasury asset management)

  • VASU offers GameFi, Web 3.0 and Metaverse industry drivers the option to white-label or co-brand all or part of the VASU ecosystem, from the entire platform to cards and NFC peripherals


Powered by an all-in-one global payments’ platform

Vasu has a wide range of local and global payment options covering bank transfers, credit and debit cards, contactless payments and e-Wallets helping merchants accept payments from local or international clients. Client transactions can be facilitated and supported all around the World using major international cards or alternative payment solutions, all through a single streamlined API integration.


We can support local and international payments for credit / debit cards for all major international card providers. Merchants benefit from increased acceptance rates by using VASU, while keeping their chargeback rates low using our in-house fraud detection and management system.

Online Banking

Accept payments easily by pulling funds directly from your customer’s bank account. Your customers can also save their bank account details to pay future transactions conveniently.


VASU supports leading global e-Wallets, allowing your customers to pay you easily.


Send money automatically via API triggered events

Build trust with your customers, employees, and suppliers by always paying them on time. Scale up your business efficiently by automating your payouts with our APIs. Available all days of the week, including bank holidays. Alternatively, get started quickly with our batch disbursements tool.

VASU has technology integrations with numerous alternative payment channels to offer local and global payouts with market-leading speed and success rates. Using our APIs, unlock the ability to create the fully automated, custom payment flows that your business needs to scale.

Bank Accounts

Using single integration API connections, access our network of bank channels that are fully monitored, compliant and regulated within their country of jurisdiction of destination. This banking network supports real-time electronic fund transfer and same banking day credit (subject to cut-off).


We support disbursements to a diversity of major global e-wallets. For disbursements on e-wallet accounts, please note that it is typical for each wallet platform to impose a limit on the amount of balance a merchant or individual user client can hold in their wallet. In the event that a disbursement will bring the value above the prescribed maximum balance, the transfer will fail.


Accept cryptocurrency payments from everywhere, with ability to settle in cryptocurrency or local currency with no volatility risk. Receive the money into your bank account (or crypto wallet) with support for all major currencies.

The VASU GLOBAL PAYMENT NETWORK provides merchants with a practical, functional financial infrastructure that can satisfy most any/all merchant requirements for: credit/debit card payment processing, alternative bank-to bank pay-in/pay-out, and/or cryptocurrency/fiat transaction capabilities.

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