Visa’s 2022 report – “The metaverse as a strategic inflection point”, points out that the metaverse has its own virtual economic system where users can trade and monetize digital content. There are built-in tools in these digital worlds as well as their own currencies, which can be cryptocurrencies in some platforms.

Moreover, in August of the last year, Visa entered the metaverse after buying a USD 150,000 NFT (non-fungible-token). According to Forbes, “if the metaverse merchants are bound to transform the economy, Visa sees its role in being the engine of that revolution.”

The PEG Advantage

The advantages for those P&E, Web 3.0 or Metaverse participants that can offer a streamlined interoperable integrated influencer driven global fintech ecosystem are multi-fold. Not only will they benefit from trusted expertise offered by PEG to assist them in delivering their expansion strategy in their home market or across borders, but also it will offer the necessary foundation to help to grow their global footprint by offering the most relevant payment methods for any particular markets.

And, irrespective of whether digital, crypto, fiat or otherwise they can benefit from an end-to-end licensed, compliant regulated solution infrastructure to cover all their needs, while a Blockchain driven protocol and procedural monitoring framework will always keep track of transactions and user settlements into one singular universal reporting solution. This allows smooth fulfillment of all transactions, reduces risk and fraud, increases sales and conversion rates, and improves the overall user experience.

PEG possesses innate knowledge and expertise related to the regulatory, compliance and licensing necessary globally to internally operate and to externally offer to other guilds or Web 3.0 operators:

PEG offers solutions that bridge financial infrastructures, advance emerging markets, provide transparency, increase security, reduce costs, and speed up global value transfers for all - A robust and accessible financial and influencer driven network infrastructure has been created with an end-to-end technology that integrates into both centralized and decentralized communities – PEGFi CONVERGENCE

Components function hand in hand to provide holistic solutions, remove borders, and go beyond next generation digital solutions driving adoption to create countless paths for advancement towards integration and interoperability.

Digital and Crypto-getherness (complete payments symbiosis between Web 2.0 & Web 3.0)

PEGFi Convergence addresses the chaos in the market and creates a system that blends digital and crypto, that is fully user accessible, dynamic, and capable of far more seamless and widespread integration of all forms of Digital Currency, NFT’s, Cryptocurrency and AltCoins than other digital and cryptocurrency platform solutions.

PEGFi Convergence introduces the deployment of full cycle blockchain technology that tackles both centralized and decentralized solutions and the full exchange of digital and traditional assets within the same blockchain.

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