PEGFi: An Integrated Financial Ecosystem for GameFi, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse

An interoperable global blockchain and digital fintech infrastructure that serves as the foundational financial services backbone to PEG and its influencer driven business stratagem, focused initially to target and service the needs of any existing operators in GameFi, Web 3.0 or the Metaverse at large. With PEGFi, PEG can now provide direct access to a licensed, compliant, regulated global payment infrastructure to clients and strategic partners under either a license agreement or as a white label solution in supplying to them a fully interoperable, seamless, and secure customizable global payment solution and product offering for their respective communities and userships.

The March 2022 Citi ‘Metaverse and Money’ report cited - "We expect the Metaverse of the future would encompass existing forms of money and also a set of digitally-native primitives, tied to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other tokens, that were out-of-scope for a pre-blockchain virtual world."

The same report further argued that wallets like Apple Pay, and Google Pay will likely expand the range of supported payment types to fully integrate options in the decentralized world in a way that "abstracts away Web3 complexities the average consumer likely does not want to contend with."

Payments today are driven by a need to facilitate the movement of money anywhere, anytime, B2B, or B2C, whether digital or fiat to support real-time, high-value, local or international transactions.

PEGFi models a solution to bridge the blockchain ecosystem and existing financial infrastructure, advance emerging markets, provide universal transparency and increased security, and reduce costs and speed up global value transfers for all. The most robust financial technology and blockchain backbone offered for GameFi and the Metaverse, its full cycle technologies address the fragmented blockchain market by tackling both centralized and decentralized solutions and the full exchange of digital and traditional assets within the same blockchain, all operated and managed within the parameters of fully licensed, compliant, and regulated market environments.

PEGFi’s components function hand in hand to provide holistic solutions, remove borders, and go beyond the next generation of technologies to drive the blockchain backbone and to allow for countless paths and flexibility for advancement that separates it from all the rest in the current GameFi and Player guild managed industry set.

PEGFi operates a global value transfer ecosystem that includes and fulfils user necessities by way of a (1) wallet, an (2) exchange platform, and a (3) blockchain governed transaction platform that can facilitate, and implement, cryptocurrency or fiat transactions, NFT trading and creation requirements, virtual and physical card issuance and even banking solutions and to then offer players, guilds and other strategic partners true flexible autonomous operational control of their global financial transactions.

PEGFi Solutions and Real-World Use Cases

PEGFi is an all-in-one solution that incorporates many of the fundamental principles that are the core of all major blockchain implementations. It presents an optimal solution for a whole range of applications, even those that require blockchains but can’t really use them due to low throughput or high transaction fees.

Loyalty programs, banking products, payment solutions, contactless systems, and gaming applications can get all the features they need through the PEGFi platform.

PEGFi offers comprehensive fintech-focused solutions that aim to elevate the quality of life for everyone, specifically in managing payments. With the objective of implementing a payment platform that increases cost-efficiency, transparency, accessibility, and speed of transactions, these PEGFi solutions seamlessly combine together to support the road to digital innovation.

The PEGFi Architecture

PEG strategic partnerships have provided PEGFi with a technology ecosystem architecture that is composed of: (1) a minting server for digital and cryptocurrency token creation, (2) node server for mining tokens, (3) a wallet server, and (4) ledger server which serves as the blockchain. With its architecture, the PEGFi platform leads the pack with the ability to implement centralized and decentralized cryptocurrencies and crypto or NFT assets while further allowing for the seamless exchange of digital (crypto) or traditional (fiat) assets all within the same blockchain.

Another unique characteristic is that given our interoperability and integration with strategic partners to then allow other guilds to issue their own custom blockchain token easily. PEGFi takes them through mining registration with one click, and almost immediately other user guilds can have their own tradeable crypto token. An integrated exchange module allows faster and more efficient trading as it supports all the tokens issued on the blockchain, including fiat tokens and tokens backed by other cryptocurrencies.

Other PEGFi attributes include:

  • Ability to process transactions in either a regulated or unregulated environment

  • Supportive of digital and fiat transactions—trade fiat currently and cryptocurrencies seamlessly in one platform

  • First crypto asset that can be stored securely in multiple form factors such as an NFC card or USB versus a big ledger box

  • Multi-currency wallets

  • White Labelling of the PEGFi platform and services

  • Explorer ability to view and track every touchpoint of fiat and crypto transactions

  • Hot storage / cold storage capability (online vs. offline)

The PEGFi Ecosystem

The components of the PEGFi solution are built to work together and create a seamless, efficient ecosystem to facilitate secure, cost-efficient, and instant financial transactions at a global level.

PEGFi aims to promote adoption by allowing people to experience inclusion in a new, efficient, and affordable global financial ecosystem. Users can transact in available guild tokens, wrapped (swapped) tokens, crypto, and/or fiat currencies. The wallet also includes an exchange feature that allows users to securely exchange between currencies at a minimum cost

White-Labeling and Co-Branding

PEGFi offers P&E Guilds, GameFi and the Metaverse the option to white-label or co-brand the PEGFi solution, from the entire platform to cards and NFC peripherals.

Exchange Platform

The PEGFi mission is to allow users to exchange their digital currencies and support the full breadth of financial transactions possible in the current system quickly and cheaply.

PEGFi’s exchange platform for fiat and digital currencies is ready for global use and presents an easier and quicker way for guilds and their players to trade their fiat currency and cryptocurrencies seamlessly in one platform.

Blockchain Banking Platform

PEGFi’s strategic partnerships offers PEGFi with a comprehensive banking platform that integrates traditional banking capabilities with the emerging opportunities offered by blockchain technology for a highly intuitive, secure, robust, flexible, and cost-efficient solution to payment challenges.

PEGFi is the first player guild to support stablecoin, cryptocurrency, and fiat transactions, with PEGFi bringing together regular banking functions with blockchain technology to create a holistic and widely integrated experience for its users.

PEGFi’s blockchain bank platform’s features include:

  • An online platform that includes regular and advanced banking functions

  • Global Physical and Virtual Pre-Paid Card Issuance / (VISA/MasterCard)

  • Credit card merchant acquiring payment processing (Visa/MasterCard)

  • Supports blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fiat transactions

  • Ready for global use and fast implementation

  • Complete transparency as all fiat and crypto transactions are recorded on the blockchain

PEGFi Payment Platform and Ecosystem

The PEGFi payment platform allows its users to instantly add crypto or fiat to their account, to send and receive funds, and to then be able to use debit/credit cards all under one account, anytime, anywhere. The unbanked or underserved market can capitalize on the advantages of PEGFi, as it can serve as their bank account from which they can perform different transactions, such as to pay their bills online, buy prepaid load, and shop online or at retail stores. Equipped with a detailed transaction logbook, everything is recorded in the account, allowing for transparency to eliminate fraud and theft.

Rewards and Loyalty

Loyalty and reward programs have consequently become necessary and effective tools for customer retention. PEGFi can facilitate a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable loyalty platform that easily and seamlessly integrates with existing systems to simplify transactions and workflow.

Reports and Analytics

PEGFi's proprietary data analytics and reporting module enables merchants to gain insight on business and sales performance. Reports and analytics offer a great value proposition to merchants wishing to maximize their business value through targeted marketing campaigns from on-demand and real-time analytics.

PEGFi is meant to tie in seamlessly into the real world and bring a blockchain solution that will ultimately become a major advancement in the industry. PEGFi simplifies the acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies by providing a one stop shop where people can obtain everything they need when it comes to crypto and financial transactions.

PEGFi’s components, products, and services are neatly connected to create a complete ecosystem where any Web 3.0 participant, P&E Guild or Metaverse participant, can get everything they need for a blockchain operational financial backbone.

PEGFi reinvents blockchain and cryptocurrency by putting the puzzle pieces together and offering a comprehensive picture of a digital and traditional licensed, regulated, and compliant ecosystem users would never have to leave.

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