Our Journey

Yassi Pressman and her team first embarked on the idea for the creation of a player’s guild to support and introduce Filipinos to the Metaverse via NFT gaming in latter 2021. The VISION? Utilize and take benefit from Yassi’s mass following and appeal, to create a specialized and unique means of Influencer marketing to gain traction and drive community growth. This was (and remains today) a compelling launch point; however, very shortly thereafter, as was witnessed by the Sky Mavis/Axie hack, true and really obvious “pain points” existed in this infant market sector, (most specific to the lack of effective financial payment network infrastructure and security). It then became fast evident to Yassi and her team that if they were to have long-term sustained success, they needed to ensure they offered sound and practical solutions for these problems. From this moment forth they would quickly strive to solidify the strategic relationships they needed to be able to effectively deploy a complete financial technology solution not only for PEG, but that could be further available to any other guilds, Web 3.0 or Metaverse market participants in need of what is a most necessary “Plug and Play” fully integrated interoperable global financial network ecosystem solution.

The PEG Response

Yassi and her team immediately proceeded to make it their number one priority to ensure they could provide the market with a complete, secure, seamless payment system to mitigate risk and ensure business growth and community loyalty. She and the team set out to define exactly how they wanted PEG to be represented across the industry and furthermore as to what special advantages her network of relationships could provide to her direct access, such that it could then position PEG to be capable of offering the deployment of a safe, secure, holistic, agnostic fully integrated and interoperable global financial network infrastructure. An ecosystem that could not only drive the PEG internal business initiatives but that in turn, most importantly, could provide to PEG a turnkey technology suite which PEG could then license to other guilds driving GameFi, any additional ancillary Web 3.0 participants or for broad access to global financial infrastructure technology demanded by the Metaverse at large – enter PEGFi.

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