PEG Culture

PEG is a company for entrepreneurs built by entrepreneurs. The people, working relationships and core values at PEG define the Company and enable our customers to participate in the global economy. Our team draws from numerous cultures and nationalities, with a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experiences, across P&E, Web 3.0, entertainment, blockchain and FINTECH and other areas driving globalization. PEG fosters an entrepreneurial culture so that we may remain focused and innovative over time to ensure success as a trusted partner to our customers.

Our Global Team, Culture and Values

PEG believes the culture of the Company is critical to our success and our ability to grow our business, support our customers and deliver long-term value. Customers and company members alike support and celebrate diversity and represent various cultures of the world. The corporate goal is to create an environment in which all feel comfortable being exactly who they are, where they are connected to something bigger than themselves and are given the support and opportunity to be the best they can be. Fostering an environment that is defined by tolerance and caring for our fellow PEG members, our solution partners and our customers is quintessential.

PEG takes aim to maintain a long-term, balanced approach to decision-making, and believes a commitment to a core set of values cultivates a unique culture and a sustainable competitive advantage. The following six core values permeate every part of PEG, including our people, our payment infrastructure, and our overall business vision:

Inclusion: Go beyond borders. Belief that everyone, regardless of location and culture, deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and that the world is richer thanks to diversity.

Action: Go beyond limits. Be creative problem solvers with a bias in favor of taking action. Do not let anything get in the way of going the extra mile to bring value to our customers.

Passion: Go beyond care. Take aim to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers by partnering with them to identify and meet their business needs and continually exceed expectations.

Excellence: Go beyond the expected. Boldly strive to maintain consistency in delivering a superior experience and service and be reminded that more can always be done for customers.

Transparency: Go beyond trust. Value integrity and honesty and work constantly to encourage open communication both within our teams and with our customers.

Humility: Go beyond assumptions. Acknowledge customers are the only reason we are here and be inspired by their spirit. PEG is a global team that cares for and respects one another and shares a strong sense of responsibility to serve its customers.

These values are central to PEG and not only form the basis for how the Company will recruit and evaluate performance, but also demonstrates how the Company is able to harness available collective talent and empower our partners around the world.

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