PEG is in the latter stage of preparation for its token sale and is very excited to give the World the opportunity to join us with our vision and roll-out.

PEG plans to launch its public token sale during Q4 2022/Q1 2023, and more information will be released on the website, socials and via press releases in the coming weeks and months ahead.

The $PEG token will unlock the full value of the integrated interoperable PEGFi ecosystem for its holders - it will provide utility across the Metaverse as time evolves and widespread ownership and usage increases.

$PEG Tokenomics 101

It is envisioned the token’s value shall grow proportionately, alongside with the growth of PEGFi and BRAND NATION and ever increasing metaverse integration and interoperability use cases.

When you invest in PEG tokens, an investment in the successful outlook of the metaverse is being made. PEG has developed its ecosystem to provide a framework and interoperable integrated financial and social network infrastructure that supports longevity and an inherent growth value proposition towards the positive evolution of the metaverse. With the value of Web 3.0 and the metaverse increasing as it evolves and scales, so too should the value of PEG tokens and the PEGFi ecosystem as a whole further benefit and advance.

In particular, incremental token value enhancement could occur along and subject to the following:

  • Rising enterprise valuation contributing to underlying value of the asset

  • Fees collected in perpetuity based on total transaction volume of the ecosystem

  • Each additional integrated interoperable P&E, Web 3.0 and metaverse use case

  • Revenue generated from other guild, or Web 3.0 or Metaverse PEGFi licensing agreements

  • Income derived from BRAND NATION influencer marketing efforts for a global client base

The foundational establishment of the PEG network ecosystem is a hugely compelling proposition for other significant NFT, Metaverse or P&E investment groups, strategic partners, or companies that are currently active in the sector. Licensed, regulated, compliant operations are set to be a cornerstone necessity for successful participation in P&E, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse at large and PEG has positioned itself as a technology and thought leader in providing operational thoughtful solutions to this effect.

Seed and Private Round

80,000,000 - 16.0% of Total Allocation

Investor Holders in the Seed and Private rounds receive 5% of their total allocation at TGE. The remaining 95% have a one-year lock-up period, and an 18-month equivalent vesting release period.

KOL's / Influencers

50,000,000 - 10.0% of Total Allocation

A KOL/Influencer strategic initiative offering representational and partnership engagements with powerful respected individuals provided for a 10% release of their token allocation unlocked at TGE, with their remaining 90% to have a six-month lock-up period, and a 24-month equivalent vesting period.


30,000,000 - 6.0% of Total Allocation

A 6.0% allocation has been made to be released to the public at listing launch date. Such public sale associated terms define a 25% release at TGE and then an equivalent vesting period of release of the remaining 75% over a 6-month period. Any portion of the offering that should remain unsold following completion of the public offering and token allocation shall be distributed back into the Treasury allotment.


100,000,000 - 20.0% of Total Allocation

PEG tokens allotted for members of the founding team and core team will have an 18-month lock-up followed by an equivalent 30 month vesting period.

Strategic Advisors and Partners

20,000,000 - 4.0% of Total Allocation

Strategic advisors and partner allocations are subject to a 9-month lock up and an 18-month equivalent vesting period.

Marketing, Liquidity for Exchanges, Airdrop Initiative and Rewards Programs

120,000,000 - 24.0% of Total Allocation

These allocations are all to be used to drive the token usability and to continue to engage community and enhance economics. These issuance categories are to be utilized to aggressively market, create enhanced liquidity and to retain and reward community loyalty for users and partners of the PEG ecosystem and reward active participation in the DAO. These allocations are in support of the detail and definition throughout the WhitePaper of the overall targeted business initiatives for PEG for the foreseeable future.


100,000,000 - 20.0% of Total Allocation

The treasury is subject to a six-month lock up followed by a 36-month equivalent vesting release period. The Treasury will be accessible towards on-going strategic global widespread operational initiatives and in the seeking and solidification of financial satisfaction and consummation of transactions of consequence with other GameFi, Web 3.0 or Metaverse partners (that may/may not consider token swapping, or some other value-based token transaction)

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