PEG Youth Sponsorship Program

Close to the hearts of Yassi Pressman and Canadian PEG co-founder Jon Semira, is a sincere desire to help youth across the Globe in achieving their goals and dreams, and being given every available opportunity needed to do so

With this in mind, PEG has begun what is to be a continuing sponsorship program supporting youth football programs around the World. To kick off this initiative, PEG sponsored a team of Under 14 age girls from Vancouver, Canada, to travel to and take part in The World Youth Cup, in July 2022 in Gothenberg, Sweden. The outcome was the stuff of legends, with the girls winning the whole tournament. 67 teams began in their age bracket and at the end it all they were undefeated and held the trophy above their heads.

The PEG youth football sponsorship program is supported by Karina LeBlanc (Canadian National Women's Soccer legend, the former Head of CONCACAF for Women’s FIFA globally and the Current GM of Portland Thorn in the US).

The PEG sponsorship initiative then immediately continued forward with PEG sponsoring a youth boys team comprised on 9 Canadian and 9 Brazilian boys to travel to and participate in a tournament in Brazil during August 2022. The boys were coached by a former Brazilian professional footballer (‘Sosa’), and as with the girls previously, the boys made PEG proud and championed the spirit of sportsmanship, sharing, support and humanness as they battled hard in the Brazilian tournament.

Moving into 2023, PEG continues with plans for its ongoing target sponsorship undertakings and now has plans in the works for training camp and coaching initiatives in each of the Philippines and Mexico during 2023/2024.

Yassi and the rest of the team at PEG share in the deep belief of Global unity. PEG places the future of our youth at the ‘tip of the spear’.

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