This Whitepaper (the “Document”) has been prepared by the management of Players Elite Guild (“PEG” or the “Company”) solely for information purposes and is being furnished for the singular purpose of providing dissemination to its Readers of the intent and expectations of Management as to how the Company plans to operate. There is no assurance that certain of the content presented therein and throughout that Management may have obtained, gathered, researched, or presented from various outside sources that the Company management believes to be reliable, is in any way guaranteed either as to accuracy or completeness. The materials, data and explanation contained herein is provided as of the date of the release of the Whitepaper. The Company assumes no liability to any party as to its use or an obligation to update the information or as to advised on any further developments as it related to the information, and content contained herein. This Document is not intended to be an offering of securities. No securities commission or regulatory authority in Canada, the United States, the UK, the EU, the Philippines or any other such jurisdictional governmental authority in any country anywhere globally has in any way passed on the merits of this Document or the accuracy or adequacy of the Document. No regulatory authority has examined or approved this document, and no action has been or will be taken in respect of obtaining such approval under the laws, regulations, or rules of any jurisdiction anywhere in the World. This Whitepaper is for research and assessment purposes only and should not in any way whatsoever be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy any securities. The PEG Token is not intended to constitute capital markets products, securities of any form, units in a business trust, units in a collective investment scheme or any other form of investment in any jurisdiction. This document is not a prospectus and does not constitute or form part of any offer, invitation, or solicitation of any investment and does not pertain in any way to an offering, invitation, or purchase of securities in any jurisdiction. No representation is made, nor implied, that estimates the fair market value of the Company as at the date of this Whitepaper.

It is understood and acknowledged by the reader that no representation, warranty, undertaking or assurance whatsoever is made with respect to PEG or the PEG Token (inclusive but not limited to the overall operation of the Company or the intended usage and target use case(s) of the PEG Token). No information at all or of any kind presented anywhere in this Whitepaper should be considered or accepted as business, legal, financial or tax advice regarding any potential purchase of the PEG Token (“PEG Token Purchase”). The participation by any party in a Token Purchase is an absolute and entirely voluntary undertaking. Any final decision to purchase any PEG Tokens is and must be made solely on one’s own understanding and perception of the opportunity to participate based on one’s own knowledge or assessment of the information contained in the Whitepaper herein or given one’s own opinion of the overall broad market sector itself. Consideration of any kind by any party at all should and must always be done and considered by its own direct consult with its own legal, financial, tax or other professional advisor if regarding the PEG Token, or any such similar Token Purchase. One should never make partake in a Token Purchase, whether of the PEG Token or otherwise, if such purchase is prohibited, restricted or unauthorized in any form or manner whether in full or in part under the laws, regulatory requirements, or rules in the jurisdiction in which you are located, at the time of your intended purchase or purchase of the tokens pursuant to this agreement. It is plainly agreed and understood that one that may receive PEG Token does so on an “as is” basis, irrespective of the technical specifications, parameters, performance, or function thereof, whether past, present, future or otherwise implied. If there any concerns whatsoever in relation to the contents of this Whitepaper (whether it may pertain to said legal disclosure and disclaimers or ‘Risk Factors’ contained heretofore), then such uncertainty should demand that one refrain from purchasing the PEG Token. The Company’s ability to attract and retain business partners, future levels of funding, competition from other firms, the Company’s ability to successfully market its products and the Company’s ability to secure the capital required for development, operations and marketing remains uncertain. Any word, text, chart, spreadsheet, or graph concerning financial statements, estimates or projections reflect certain assumptions by The Company concerning anticipated results, which may or may not prove to be correct. No representations are made as to the accuracy of such statements, estimates or forecasts.

Forward-Looking Statements

This Whitepaper contains forward-looking statements that are based on management’s beliefs and assumptions and on information currently available to management. , and any parties considering such information should be cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Readers should refer to the section captioned “Risk Factors” below for a discussion of other important factors that may cause actual results to materially differ from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. As a result of these factors, PEG cannot assure that the forward-looking statements in this Whitepaper will prove to be accurate. Furthermore, if the forward-looking statements prove to be inaccurate, the inaccuracy may be material. In light of the significant uncertainties in these forward-looking statements, parties should not regard these statements as a representation or warranty by PEG or any other individual, associate, affiliate, corporation or otherwise, that PEG will achieve its objectives and plans in any specified time frame, or at all. PEG undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except if/as ever may be required by law. Forward-looking statements in some cases are identifiable by the following words: “may,” “will,” “could,” “would,” “should,” “expect,” “intend,” “plan,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “predict,” “project,” “potential,” “continue,” “ongoing” or the negative of these terms or other comparable terminology, (although not all forward-looking statements contain these words), as well as general statements regarding opinion of future consumer, or marketplace acceptance of the Company’s new or existing products, services, market penetration and the Company’s perceived growth amongst others. These statements involve risks, uncertainties, assumptions, and other factors that may cause actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements to be materially different from the information expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Although we believe that we have a reasonable basis for each forward-looking statement contained in this offering circular, we caution you that these statements are based on a combination of facts and factors currently known by us and our projections of the future, about which we cannot be certain. Although PEG believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements contained in the Whitepaper are based on certain reasonable assumptions, it has no assurance and makes no guarantee that its expectations will be attained or achieved. Factors that could cause actual results to differ include general economic conditions, industry, and market conditions, slower than anticipated penetration of new markets, changes in the Company’s financial position, regulatory actions, and legislative actions in the countries in which it operates, future demand and market size for products under development, marketplace acceptance of new or existing products, either generic or proprietary, and other potential risks. The Company bases estimates on currently available information, historical experience and various other assumptions that are believed to be reasonable under the circumstances. Since the factors underlying these assumptions are subject to change over time, the estimates on which they are based are subject to change accordingly. Changes may be made to the operations of PEG or the use cases for the PEG Token without notice and without any consequence or repercussion to PEG.

Risk Factors

Any investment in the PEG Token involves a high degree of risk. You should consider carefully the risks described below, together with all of the other information contained in this Whitepaper. Independent due diligence should and must always be completed, and one must consider carefully the risks described in this Whitepaper before deciding to participate in any Token Purchase. There are numerous risks related to the PEG Token purchase and PEG for any Token Purchaser, most all of which are or may beyond the control of the Company, its management, and its representatives. It is clearly, plainly and fully acknowledged of and by free will that anyone who may proceed does not, and will not have any right, claim, action or remedy against anyone associated with PEG in any manner whatsoever (1) to request for a refund of any PEG Token that may have been purchased, or (2) if it is decided later that the Token Purchase or PEG itself does not ultimately meet one’s perceived expectations. The following risks entail circumstances under which our company’s business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects could suffer.

The PEG Tokens have no history and thus face significant uncertainties around their evaluation.

The PEG Tokens have no performance history and are a relatively novel form of investment. Investors will have limited ability to compare them against other like instruments. An investment in the PEG Tokens should therefore be evaluated not only on the basis of the value and prospects of the tokens, taking into account an assessment of the prospects of our company in achieving its goals with respect to the, PEGFi, Social PEG and its related decentralized application ecosystem, but also taking into account the significant uncertainties associated with these assessments given the lack of previous investments, business models and technological systems against which the PEG Tokens, and its ecosystem may be usefully compared.

There is no guarantee that the tokens will hold their value or increase in value, and you may lose the amount of your investment in the PEG Tokens in whole or in part.

The PEG Tokens are highly speculative, and any return on an investment in the PEG Tokens is contingent upon numerous circumstances, many of which (including legal and regulatory conditions) are beyond our control. There is no assurance that purchasers will realize any return on their investments or that their entire investment will not be lost. For this reason, each purchaser should consult with his or her own attorney, financial and tax advisors prior to making any investment decision with respect to the PEG Tokens. Investors should only make an investment in the PEG Tokens if they are prepared to lose the entirety of their investment.

Cryptoassets and tokens such as PEG Tokens still carry considerable uncertainty about their long-term viability, which could be affected by a variety of factors, including many market-based factors such as economic growth, inflation, and others. In addition, the success of the PEG Tokens and other types of cryptoassets will depend on whether blockchain and other new technologies related to the tokens remain useful and economically viable.

The volatility and unpredictability of the price of cryptoassets, including the PEG Tokens, relative to fiat and other currency may result in significant loss over a short period of time. In addition, the value of the PEG Tokens may be derived from the continued willingness of market participants to exchange fiat and other currency for the PEG Tokens, which may result in the potential for permanent and total loss of value of the PEG Tokens should the market for them disappear.

Over the longer term, the value of PEG Tokens may be influenced by several factors, such as increasing demand resulting from, among other things, increased activity on the network and based on decreased supply of the PEG Tokens due to “burn” associated with transactions on the network, such as name registration and similar transactions. There can be no guarantee that the tokens will hold their value or increase in value. Many factors will influence the value of the PEG Tokens, some of which are described in these Risk Factors. Moreover, PEG does not plan to maintain any type of bond or trust account designed to protect holders of the PEG Tokens, and we do not intend to secure the tokens with any other assets.

You will not be able to use or sell almost all of your tokens immediately after purchase, and they may decline in value before you have a chance to use or sell them.

When you first receive your PEG Tokens, almost all of the PEG Tokens will be locked, and you will not be able to use them or transfer them. Your PEG Tokens are subject to a temporary “time lock,” and defined drip out of the number of tokens purchased being released from this time lock on the date of distribution of the tokens. You understand that PEG will not offer you a right to repayment in the event that your PEG tokens are not released from the time lock by the anticipated dates described above should there be any devaluation in the tokens from your date of purchase. While your tokens remain locked, you will not be able to use them for any purpose, and you will not be able to transfer them on our system. There is no guarantee that the value of your PEG Tokens will not decrease while your tokens are locked and you are unable to burn, or otherwise use or transfer them.

The PEG Tokens will have limited use when they are first introduced.

When they are first introduced, the only unique use of the PEG Tokens will be for usage in the PEG ecosystem. In addition, your PEG Tokens will be transferable once released from their time lock and thus usable as a means of payment or exchange on the blockchain network, for example to purchase decentralized applications or for use in in-app payments for digital assets to application developers and other users. These functions, however, may also be performed by other cryptocurrency or traditional currency, at the discretion of developers. Additional features may be added in the future, but there is no guarantee this will occur. This limited use may affect the value of the PEG Tokens.

The value ascribed to the PEG Tokens by its holders may fluctuate based in part on the number and scope of additional features that may be provided to holders of PEG Tokens in the future.

Third parties may propose additional features that benefit holders of the PEG Tokens in the future by modifying the smart contract for the PEG Token. The holders of PEG Tokens do not have any rights to block, approve, mandate, or vote on any new features that are introduced to the PEG Token or its proprietary network. The terms and conditions of the PEG Tokens, however, do not entitle holders to any additional features, and potential purchasers should not ascribe any value to these potential additional features in making their decision. If in the future, certain additional features are provided, it is possible that token holders will ascribe some value to these additional features. However, any additional features may be terminated and cease and, to the extent that holders are attributing value to additional features, any such termination or cessation may cause the value of the PEG Tokens to decrease, and this decrease may be material.

The established price of the PEG Tokens was not determined on an independent basis; the actual value invested may be substantially less than what is paid.

The selling price of the PEG Token bears no relationship to our book or asset values or likelihood of repayment or to any other established criteria for valuation. Because the price is not based upon an independent valuation, the price may not be indicative of the proceeds that you would receive upon a commercial sale of the PEG Tokens. Further, the price may be significantly more than the price at which the PEG Tokens would trade if they were to be listed on an exchange.

The value of your PEG Tokens may depend on their commercial utilities, which may be highly sensitive to the algorithms we and developers use to determine the prices of registering digital assets and smart contracts, and the prices set by application developers for download of applications.

The number of PEG Tokens required to be burned as fuel in order to create and register digital assets is set by an algorithm under the smart contract for the digital asset on the Blockchain infrastructure utilized. Creating and registering smart contracts also requires fuel, according to an algorithm set by the Blockchain provider. We have no control over the fuel requirements for digital assets set in smart contracts that are created by users or developers on the Blockchain network.

The value of your tokens in the future may be highly sensitive to these fuel requirements. In addition, we or third-party developers may each choose to pay the costs of registration of particular digital assets or smart contracts in order to increase users, which may reduce the value of your tokens, and developers may charge significant fees in tokens to access and download applications, which may reduce their utility.

At issuance, there will be no trading market for the PEG Tokens, and a trading market may never develop.

If the PEG Tokens are issued, there may not be a trading market available for the PEG Tokens, or any digital token exchange on which holders of PEG Tokens may transfer or resell their PEG Tokens. As a result of recent regulatory developments, existing crypto exchanges are currently unwilling to list tokens such as the PEG Tokens that may be deemed as securities under federal securities law. As a result, the tokens may initially only be traded on very limited range of venues.

Currently, however, there is no guarantee that any approved or operational alternative trading system or exchange capable of supporting secondary trading in PEG Tokens, shall or will be required to list the PEG Tokens, and each may decide not to list the PEG Tokens for a number of reasons not under our control, including but not limited to the technical complexity of integrating a blockchain other than those used by Bitcoin or Ether onto its platform, a perceived lack of market interest in the PEG Tokens, and any other factors relevant to the individual exchanges (for example, if the exchange is heavily invested in another cryptocurrency). As a result, investors of PEG Tokens should be prepared to hold their tokens indefinitely, as there is no guarantee that holders will be able to sell or exchange their PEG Tokens.

The further development and acceptance of blockchain networks, which are part of a new and rapidly changing industry, are subject to a variety of factors that are difficult to evaluate. The slowing or stopping of the development or acceptance of blockchain networks and blockchain assets would have an adverse material effect on the successful development and adoption of the tokens.

The growth of the blockchain industry in general, as well as the blockchain networks on which the PEG Tokens will rely, is subject to a high degree of uncertainty. The factors affecting the further development of the cryptocurrency and cryptosecurity industry, as well as blockchain networks, include, without limitation:

  • Worldwide growth in the adoption and use of digital assets and other blockchain technologies;

  • Government and quasi-government regulation of digital assets and their use, or restrictions on or regulation of access to and operation of blockchain networks or similar systems;

  • The maintenance and development of the open-source software protocol of blockchain networks;

  • Changes in consumer demographics and public tastes and preferences;

  • The availability and popularity of other forms or methods of buying and selling goods and services, or trading assets including new means of using government-backed currencies or existing networks;

  • The extent to which current purchaser interest in cryptocurrencies represents a speculative “bubble;”

  • General economic conditions around and throughout the world;

  • The regulatory environment relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchains; and

  • a decline in the popularity or acceptance of cryptocurrencies or other blockchain-based tokens.

The digital assets industries as a whole have been characterized by rapid changes and innovations and are constantly evolving. Although they have experienced significant growth in recent years, the slowing or stopping of the development, general acceptance and adoption and usage of blockchain networks and blockchain assets may deter or delay the acceptance and adoption of the PEG Tokens and, as a result, adversely affect the value of the PEG Tokens.

The prices of digital assets are extremely volatile. Fluctuations in the price of digital assets could adversely affect our business, and the tokens may also be subject to significant price volatility.

The prices of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, each of which has significantly decreased in value over recent months, and other digital assets have historically been subject to dramatic fluctuations and are highly volatile, and the market price of the PEG Tokens may also be highly volatile. Several factors may influence the market price of the PEG Tokens, including, but not limited to:

  • The ability of the PEG Tokens to trade in a secondary market, if at all;

  • The availability of a token exchange or other trading platform for digital assets;

  • Global digital assets on the network and the PEG Token supply;

  • Global digital assets on the network and demand for the PEG Tokens, which can be influenced by the growth of applications on the network, new types of digital assets, growth of businesses making use of the network and PEG Tokens;

  • General on-going acceptance of digital assets; for example, as payment for goods and services, general adoption of online digital asset exchanges and digital wallets that hold digital assets, the perception that the use and holding of digital assets as safe and secure, and the regulatory restrictions on their use;

  • purchasers’ expectations with respect to the rate of inflation;

  • Changes in the software, software requirements or hardware requirements underlying the tokens;

  • Changes in the rights, obligations, incentives, or rewards for the various holders of the PEG Tokens;

  • Interest rates;

  • Currency exchange rates, including the rates at which digital assets may be exchanged for fiat currencies;

  • Government-backed currency withdrawal and deposit policies of digital asset exchanges;

  • Interruptions in service from or failures of major digital asset and security token exchange on which digital assets and security tokens are traded;

  • Investment and trading activities of large purchasers, including private and registered funds, that may directly or indirectly invest in securities tokens or other digital assets;

  • Coordinated algorithmic behavior, including trading, by a large pool of token holders;

  • Monetary policies of governments, trade restrictions, currency devaluations and revaluations;

  • Regulatory measures, if any, that affect the use of digital assets and crypto tokens such as the PEG Tokens;

  • Global or regional political, economic, or financial events and situations; and

  • Expectations among participants that the value of digital assets will soon change.

Successful strategic relationships with ecosystem partners are important for PEG’s future success.

We anticipate that we will continue to depend on relationships with ecosystem partners to grow our business. and PEG further intends to encourage the growth of the network’s ecosystem through the distribution of tokens to such parties. PEG may also rely in the future on relationships with exchanges or alternative trading systems that permit trading of the PEG Tokens in order to provide liquidity to token holders, and the potential for added growth to the network’s application ecosystem.

Identifying, negotiating, and documenting relationships with ecosystem partners require significant time and resources, as does integrating third-party data and services. PEG’s current and anticipated arrangements with the ecosystem partners described above often do not and, we expect, will not prohibit them from working with our competitors or from offering competing services. PEG’s competitors may be effective in providing incentives to ecosystem partners to favor their products or services. In addition, these ecosystem partners may not perform as expected under PEG’s understandings with them, and PEG may have disagreements or disputes with these partners, which could adversely affect the PEG brand and reputation of its ecosystem. If PEG cannot successfully enter into and maintain effective strategic relationships with ecosystem partners, PEG’s business and the PEG network will be harmed, and the value of your PEG Tokens may be harmed as well.

There are uncertainties related to the regulatory regimes governing blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, the PEG ecosystem and the tokens, and new regulations or policies may materially adversely affect the development and value of the tokens.

Regulation of assets like the tokens and related technologies and actors (such as blockchains and cryptocurrency exchanges) involves uncertainty as to how existing law will apply; is likely to rapidly evolve as government agencies take greater interest; and varies significantly among international, federal, state, and local jurisdictions.

The application of global securities laws is unclear in certain respects. Because of the differences between the tokens and traditional securities, there is a risk that issues that might easily be resolved by existing law if traditional securities were involved may not be easily resolved for the PEG Tokens. In addition, because of the novel risks posed by the tokens, it is possible that securities regulators may interpret laws in a manner that adversely affects the value of the tokens.

Various legislative and executive bodies globally have and may continue, in the future, to adopt laws, regulations, or guidance, or take other actions that could severely impact the permissibility of the PEG Tokens, tokens generally and, in each case, the technology behind them or the means of transacting in or transferring them. It is difficult to predict how or whether regulatory agencies may apply existing or new regulation with respect to this technology and its applications, including the PEG Tokens, or the PEG network ecosystem. In addition, self-regulatory bodies may be established that set guidelines regarding cryptocurrencies, the tokens, and the network, which could have similar effects to new policies adopted by government bodies.

Any future regulatory actions applicable to the PEG Tokens, the PEG blockchain, the network and our related activities could severely impact our operations and the value of the PEG Tokens. PEG may need to restructure operations significantly to comply with any new regulation or guidance. These efforts could be costly and could involve fundamentally changing core portions of PEG’s business, operations, and network and in turn negatively affect the value of the PEG Tokens. On the other hand, failure to restructure for compliance adequately or quickly enough could result in regulatory action (such as investigations by the government or a self-regulatory organization or government or private litigation or administrative actions) that requires PEG to spend significant time and effort, which would pull PEG’s attention away from the core of its business and potentially deplete their resources. It could also result in negative publicity. Regulatory change could even potentially result in the PEG Tokens or certain of PEG’s operations being viewed as impermissible, which could result in a need for us to dramatically alter or cease activities. Regulatory action could also affect the rights of holders of the PEG Tokens, for example by severely limiting the ability of holders to transfer or sell their tokens.

Cryptocurrency networks, blockchain technologies, and coin and token offerings also face an uncertain regulatory landscape in many foreign jurisdictions and new or changing laws and regulations or interpretations of existing laws and regulations, in any such global jurisdictions, may adversely impact the PEG Tokens, including with respect to their value, their liquidity, the ability of purchasers to access marketplaces or exchanges on which to trade the tokens, and the structure, rights and transferability of the PEG Tokens.

We operate in a competitive business environment; if we are unable to compete effectively, our results of operations and financial condition may be adversely affected.

The market for our services is intensely competitive. Our competitors vary in size and in the scope and breadth of the solutions and services they offer. Some of our competitors have substantial resources. We face direct competition from third parties, and because many of our larger potential clients have historically developed their key applications in-house and therefore view their system requirements from a make-versus-buy perspective, we also often compete against our potential clients' in-house capacities. There can be no assurance that we will be able to compete successfully against current or future competitors or that the competitive pressures we face in the markets in which we operate will not materially adversely affect our business, financial condition, and results of operations. Accordingly, these competitors may be able to offer more attractive fees to our current and prospective clients or other services that we do not provide. Competition could result in a loss of existing clients and greater difficulty attracting new clients. Furthermore, if competition causes us to reduce the fees, we charge in order to attract or retain clients, there is no assurance we can successfully control our costs in order to maintain our profit margins. One or more of these factors could have a material adverse effect on the business, financial condition, and results of operations.

Our business and operating results could be adversely affected if we experience business interruptions, errors or failure in connection with our or third-party information technology and communication systems and other software and hardware used in connection with our business, if we experience defects or design errors in the software solutions we offer, or more generally, if the third-party vendors we rely upon are unwilling or unable to provide the services we need to effectively operate our business.

We generally depend on a number of third parties, to supply elements of our systems, computers, research and market data, connectivity, communication network infrastructure, other equipment and related support and maintenance. We cannot be certain that any of these third parties will be able to continue providing these services to effectively meet our evolving needs. If our vendors, or in certain cases vendors of our customers, fail to meet their obligations, provide poor or untimely service, or we are unable to make alternative arrangements for the provision of these services, then we may in turn fail to provide our services or to meet our obligations to our customers, and our business, financial condition and operating results could be adversely affected. Moreover, the legislative and regulatory landscape for financial crimes compliance continues to evolve, and any failure to comply with such laws could expose us to liability and/or reputational damage. Financial crimes laws may be interpreted and applied inconsistently from country to country and impose inconsistent or conflicting requirements. Complying with varying jurisdictional requirements could increase the costs and complexity of compliance and associated recordkeeping costs or require us to change our business practices in a manner adverse to our business.

Many of our clients are subject to a regulatory environment and to industry standards that may change in a manner that reduces the types or volume of solutions or services we provide or may reduce the type or number of transactions in which our clients engage, and therefore reduce our revenue.

Our clients are subject to a number of government regulations and industry standards with which our services must comply. Our clients must ensure that our services and related solutions work within the extensive and evolving regulatory and industry requirements applicable to them. Federal, state, foreign or industry authorities could adopt laws, rules or regulations affecting our clients' businesses that could lead to increased operating costs and could reduce the convenience and functionality of our services, possibly resulting in reduced market acceptance. In addition, action by regulatory authorities relating to credit availability, data usage, privacy, or other related regulatory developments could have an adverse effect on our clients and, therefore, could have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, revenue, results of operations, prospects for future growth and overall business. Elimination of regulatory requirements could also adversely affect the sales of our solutions designed to help clients comply with complex regulatory environments.

In summation, the Company may not be able to successfully address these risks and difficulties, (or any others that may exist as can be represented in a more comprehensive or exhaustive list), and ultimately the failure to adequately do so, could harm the business and cause forecasted operating results to suffer.

Limitation of Liability

PEG hereby expressly disclaims its liability, and shall in no case be liable to any party, for: (a) any party’s participation in any Token Purchase in violation of any anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing or other regulatory requirements that are imposed in any jurisdiction; (b) any party’s participation in any Token Purchase in violation of any representation, warranty, obligation, covenant or other provision under this Whitepaper, and the resulting failure or inability to retrieve his/ her, their or it's payment or to claim relevant purchased PEG Token; (c) failure of PEG Token or PEG to meet any specific purpose, or unfitness for any specific use; (d) utilization of the proceeds raised through the sale of PEG Token; (e) divulgence, loss or destruction of the private key of any associated cryptocurrency or crypto-token wallet; (f) any default, breach, infringement, breakdown, collapse, service suspension or interruption, fraud, mishandling, misconduct, malpractice, negligence, bankruptcy, insolvency, dissolution or winding-up of any third party used to buy PEG Token; (g) any difference, conflict or contradiction between this Whitepaper and any agreement with any purchaser of PEG Token; (h) trading or speculation of PEG Token by any party; (i) listing or delisting of PEG Token on or from any cryptocurrency exchange; (j) PEG Token being classified or treated by any government, quasi-government, authority or public body as a kind of capital markets product, currency, securities, commercial paper, negotiable instrument, investment or otherwise that may be banned, regulated or subject to certain legal restrictions; (k) any risk factors disclosed in this Whitepaper and any damage, loss, claim, liability, punishment, cost or other adverse impacts that are caused by, associated with, in connection with, incidental to or consequential to that risk factor; (l) any changes made to the terms of the Token Purchase or to the technical nature of PEG Token or PEG or any temporary or permanent cessation or unavailability in the delivery, distribution or activation of PEG Token or PEG; (m) any failure or delay in the delivery and receipt of PEG Token purchased by you; or (n) occurrences of natural disasters, acts of God or other events beyond the control of PEG that affect the businesses and/or operations related to the PEG or PEG Token.

Token Purchaser Representation & Warranties

Upon review of the Whitepaper, or any/all ancillary information as may be available anywhere online, or in the forum of publicly available information, via press releases, social media or anywhere otherwise, and any ensuing decision to then participate in any Token Purchase, and as at any date wherein the reader decides to proceed with a PEG Token Purchase, it is represented and warranted by the ultimate purchaser (“Token Purchaser”), that:

(a) any Token Purchaser confirms and provides validation that they are over 18 (eighteen) years of age;

(b) Token Purchaser agrees, and completely and willingly acknowledges it has read and clearly understands and is in full and absolute agreement as to the inference and protection offered the Company as it pertains to each and every point as previously referenced in the “Overview,” Forward-Looking Statements,” “Limitation on Liability,” and “Risk Factors,” sections heretofore contained above,

(c) reader is fully aware of and understands that no party shall be able to participate in a PEG Token Purchase or otherwise be eligible to purchase any PEGE Tokens if a citizen, national, resident (tax or otherwise) of an internationally sanctioned country;

(d) no consent, approval, order, or authorization of, or registration, qualification, designation, declaration or filing with, any federal, state, or local governmental authority is required on your part in connection with the participation in any Token Purchase;

(e) giving consideration of the Token Purchase of PEG Tokens the reader either understands directly the operation, functionality, usage, storage, transmission mechanisms and other material characteristics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based software systems, cryptocurrency wallets or other related token storage mechanisms, blockchain technology and smart contract technology, OR the reader has received consultation, guidance and assistance to understand such technical aspects by an independent third party of their own choice;

(f) reader accepts and understands that it does not have any expectation of influence over governance and/or management of PEG pursuant to any purchase of PEG Tokens that it may voluntarily decide to proceed to make;

(g) reader waives any right to participate in a class action lawsuit and/or class wide arbitration against PEG and/or its representatives;

(h) reader understands and expressly accepts that there is no warranty and/or representations whatsoever herein made by PEG, the PEG Token and/or the success of PEG, whether as may be expressed or implied, to the extent permitted by law, and that the PEG Token is created and obtained at one’s sole risk on an “as is” and “under development” basis and without, to the extent permitted by law, any representations or warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to:

(1) warranties of title or implied warranties, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose; (2) any warranties as to the timeliness, reliability, sequence, accuracy, adequacy, consistency or completeness of any information provided by PEG at any time or from time to time; (3) any warranties that PEG, or the PEG Token Purchase will meet purchaser requirements or expectations; and (4) any warranties that PEG of the PEG Token Purchase and ensuing activation, holding, use, transfer or exchange will be uninterrupted timely, secure or free from error.

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