PEG Guild Test Case

PEG believes it has established foundationally a hugely compelling proposition for Web 3.0, Metaverse or GameFi groups, strategic partners, or companies that are currently active in the sector/ in this regard, discussions have already been had with a number of parties as to the benefits and advantages of the unique and powerful global ecosystem now offered by PEG.

Stating that, it also has been important to test case the infrastructure and hypothesis of the offering. In such vein, Players Elite Guild (PEG) has taken a highly vetted approach in slowly onboarding for its own a small amount of community members and scholars with the intent to work through and prove out the operational viability and seamless nature of its WhiteLabel product offering.

In doing so, it has built a small, refined, exclusive grouping of the required elements necessary to provide to PEG the desired proprietary ‘test case’ environment it required to ensure streamlined operational capability and capacity of its platform offering as it now prepares for a very aggressive 24-month roll-out strategy.

Test Case Environment’

  • Community: 500+

  • Scholars: 200+

  • NFT Assets: 1.5K+ (Assets covering a diversity of P2E game holdings as defined below)

Current Deployed Games

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